Top Pitches: Season 11 of Shark Tank US and Shark Tank Global

Discover the best pitches from seasons 11 of Shark Tank US and Shark Tank Global.

00:00:09 Revolutionary eco-friendly cleaning brand offers refillable bottles and dissolvable tablets to eliminate plastic waste and save money. Raised $3 million in funding.

💼 The entrepreneurs pitch their eco-friendly cleaning products on Shark Tank, highlighting the waste of plastic packaging in traditional cleaning products.

🌍 Their brand, Blue Land, offers tablets that can be added to water to create cleaning solutions, reducing the need for plastic bottles and minimizing plastic waste.

📈 The entrepreneurs have raised $3 million in funding and have EPA-approved studies showing the effectiveness of their products compared to competitors.

00:06:25 Discover the best pitches from seasons 11 of Shark Tank US and Shark Tank Global. Entrepreneurs negotiate deals with the sharks, but not without some challenges.

📢 The episode showcases various pitches from Season 11 of Shark Tank US, including negotiations and offers made by the sharks.

🦈 Sarah and Syed seek investment for their eco-friendly cleaning product company, receiving offers from Lori, Daniel, and Kevin.

🎂 Barrett and Prime present Minus Cal, a science-based snack bar and diet tablet that blocks fat absorption, offering a solution for weight loss.

00:12:40 A mother seeks investment in her product, the Baby Spoon, which is a safe and easy-to-use spoon for babies made of soft silicone.

🔑 The video features pitches from Shark Tank Season 11.

💡 One pitch is for a product that claims to block fat and reduce weight.

👶 Another pitch is for a baby spoon that eliminates the risk of accidental poking or stabbing.

00:18:58 A young entrepreneur presents a pacifier clip called Baby Tun to the Sharks on Shark Tank. Despite initial skepticism, Cassidy impresses the Sharks with her product and ultimately gets a deal with Lori for $50,000.

A young entrepreneur presents a solution for preventing baby spoons from being thrown on the floor.

The product, called Baby Tune, is made in the USA and was designed by the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur shares their journey of creating the product and their hope to inspire other kids to pursue opportunities in entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneur already sells the product and has generated $5,000 in sales since September 2018.

The sharks are impressed by the entrepreneur's determination and success, but some opt not to invest due to the baby product market or lack of fit.

One shark offers $50,000 for 50% of the company, and the entrepreneur accepts the deal.

00:25:16 Circadian Optics creates stylish bright light therapy lamps that mimic the sun. With $7.4 million in lifetime sales and projected sales of $5.6 million this year, they're seeking a strategic partner to expand their online business into retail.

🌞 Bringing the sun's light to your desk with circadian Optics therapy lamps.

💡 The founder's inspiration for creating stylish and effective light therapy lamps.

💰 Impressive sales and projected revenue for circadian Optics.

🌍 The founder's personal journey from Malaysia to America and their determination to make a difference.

00:31:33 Best Pitches From Seasons 11 of Shark Tank US and Shark Tank Global. Includes entrepreneurship, investment offers, and success stories.

The video is about entrepreneurship and the American dream.

Several entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to the sharks on Shark Tank.

One entrepreneur presents a product called Boost Oxygen, which is a compressed oxygen canister.

00:37:51 A company with 95% market share in the US presents their oxygen product on Shark Tank. While most Sharks are not convinced, Mr. Wonderful offers a $1 million loan with 7.5% equity.

📊 The company has roughly 95% market share in the United States.

🛒 The company wants to expand into retail sales to reach more customers.

💰 The Sharks offer a loan of $1 million with 36 months and 9% interest, along with a 6% equity stake.

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