Building a Stable and Automated Online Saas Business: Earn €1200 per Month

Learn how to create a stable and automated online Saas business, earning €1200 per month without technical skills or marketing expertise.

00:00:00 Learn how to create a stable and automated online business with a Saas Business model. Help clients solve problems and grow while earning a stable monthly income.

💼 A Saas business is a stable online business model that offers a solution to clients in exchange for a monthly fee.

💰 Creating a successful Saas business can generate a monthly income of up to 1200€.

📈 Saas businesses help local businesses grow by providing them with tools and solutions.

00:01:27 Learn how to generate monthly income with a Saas business by offering solutions to clients using QR codes, without the need for technical skills or marketing expertise. Start building your Saas business in less than 6 hours.

💼 Creating a SaaS business is easier than building a Shopify store or a blog.

💡 The goal is to identify a problem and provide a solution, without needing to be a developer or marketing expert.

⏱️ Building a SaaS business can be done in less than 6 hours, regardless of experience level.

00:02:53 Learn how to earn 1200€ per month with a Saas Business. Discover how to acquire your first clients in less than 30 days by providing them with affordable monthly solutions to help their local businesses grow.

💰 A Saas business can generate a monthly income of €1200 by providing affordable solutions to local businesses in need of growth.

🌐 Digital marketing agencies often overlook local businesses, creating an opportunity for Saas entrepreneurs to serve these underserved markets.

By automating their business and offering monthly subscription solutions, Saas creators can free themselves from trading time for money.

00:04:19 Earn €1200 per month with a perpetual motion system that brings in new prospects and clients without advertising. Benefits for creators and clients include increased revenue, autonomy, affordability, and stability.

📊 A Saas Business provides continuous prospects and customers without the need for advertising, benefiting both the creator and the client.

💰 As a creator of a Saas Business, you can generate stable monthly income and provide a valuable solution to your clients.

⏱️ The amount of income generated with a Saas Business can be calculated in advance based on the number of businesses implemented.

00:05:46 Learn how to generate 1200€ per month with a local SaaS business by offering affordable monthly solutions with no commitment. Help local businesses by providing real solutions to their problems, such as converting website visitors into prospects.

Creating a local Saas business can generate 1200€ per month by charging 60€ per month to 20 clients.

Offering a solution without contracts or long-term commitments can increase credibility and customer retention.

Identifying the specific problems of local businesses, such as converting website visitors to prospects, can help tailor the product and target market.

00:07:15 Learn how to generate recurring income by implementing a chatbot on a lawyer's website. Charge 60 euros per month and expand to other nearby villages.

💡 Using a chatbot on a lawyer's website can help capture potential clients' information and schedule appointments automatically.

💰 By offering this chatbot service, you can charge €60 per month to each lawyer, potentially securing multiple clients in different villages or cities.

📈 Expanding the service to more lawyers and businesses can lead to increased revenue and opportunities for growth.

00:08:43 Learn how to generate consistent monthly income with a Saas Business. Discover the marketing strategies that can help you attract and retain clients for a successful online business.

💡 Creating a website and optimizing its local SEO can help generate recurring monthly income through online marketing.

💼 By implementing an inband marketing strategy, it is possible to attract and retain clients without relying on advertising and attending events.

💰 Following the SAS business strategy shared by Antony Calendini can potentially generate a monthly income of 1200 euros.

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