Justice and Revenge: Amal's Tale

A gripping story of love, tragedy, and revenge as Amal seeks justice for her family against a family that wronged her.

00:00:00 A tragic incident occurs in a hospital where a baby loses consciousness and passes away. The story revolves around a couple's love and their desire for a son.

00:01:29 Amal faces many problems in her marriage and with her husband's family. She tries to assert herself and eventually leaves with her daughters.

👶 Amal faces constant criticism and mistreatment from Ashraf and his family due to giving birth to a girl.

💔 Amal tries to be resilient and unaffected by the negativity, but the conflicts between her and Ashraf's family persist.

🏠 Amal demands a separate apartment from Ashraf's family, and when he refuses, she decides to leave with her two daughters.

00:02:59 Amal seeks revenge against the demons in a gripping story filled with marriage and family dynamics.

Amal's presence in the family is considered a source of joy for her parents and they suggest that Ashraf marries another woman to have a child.

Despite Ashraf's lack of feelings towards Fatimah, they get married and she becomes pregnant.

After the birth of their child, Amal decides to reconcile with Ashraf's family.

00:04:31 A story of Amal's revenge and her return home, causing conflicts between her and the other family members.

🏠 Amal wants to return home and give up the condition she had set for the girls, Jana and Mariam, to live with their father.

Upon Amal's return, conflicts and problems escalate among the family members.

🤝 Amal tries her best to prove her good intentions, while Ashraf defends her against Fatima's jealousy.

00:06:04 Amal plans to take revenge on Ashraf and his family for marrying Fatima. She injects their infant Abdullah with insecticide, causing him to have seizures, and calls Ashraf for help.

🔑 Amal plans to seek revenge on Ashraf and his family because he married another woman and they have not had a child.

⚠️ Amal decides to use the baby Abdullah as a means to exact her revenge and injects him with insecticide while he is sleeping.

😱 Abdullah experiences seizures and continuous crying after being injected with insecticide and the family rushes to his aid.

00:07:35 Tragedy unfolds when a doctor discovers a suspicious substance in the neck of a child who later dies at the hospital, leading to a criminal investigation.

👶 A doctor noticed a young child, Abdullah, in a critical condition with signs of pesticide poisoning.

🚑 Despite the doctors' efforts, Abdullah tragically passed away after two hours.

🔍 Suspicion of foul play arose when strange marks and fluids were found on Abdullah's body.

00:09:06 Amal seeks revenge for herself and her family, leading to shocking confessions and the revelation of deep conflicts.

🔑 Investigation reveals that the last person who interacted with the child, Abdullah, before his death was Amal.

🗣️ Amal had ongoing conflicts with Fatima and her family, as well as with Ashraf's family.

🔍 Upon questioning, Amal confesses that she sought revenge against Ashraf, his family, and Fatima.

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