AI Censorship and the Future of Democracy

This video discusses the impact of AI censorship on the 2024 elections and the future of democracy.

00:00:00 Mike Benz discusses the impact of AI censorship and its connection to the 2024 elections and the future of democracy. He shares his trajectory and reveals the existence of a censorship industry. He also explains the definition of misinformation and the pushback he received when exposing AI censorship.

🔑 The speaker discusses the use of AI for censorship and its implications for democracy.

💡 The Internet is heavily censored by AI, with the majority of takedowns on platforms like YouTube and Google being pre-flagged by AI algorithms.

🌐 The speaker's trajectory involved working in the tech and government sectors, witnessing the development of AI censorship and misinformation.

00:10:40 The video explores the rise of censorship in the digital age, starting from the seismic events of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in 2016. It discusses the establishment of the hybrid Warfare Doctrine by NATO, which aimed to censor the internet and control populist movements. The traditional media Gatekeepers faced challenges from alternative social media platforms, leading to a battle between the Empire and The Gatekeepers. The Russian troll farm narrative is also debunked, highlighting the compromised nature of digital forensic investigations.

The conversation on being wrong on purpose or by accident changed after the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

The creation of the hybrid Warfare Doctrine in 2014 marked the beginning of the censorship industry, aiming to control social media to maintain the traditional media Gatekeepers' power.

Reports of Russian troll farms and their involvement in the 2016 election were discredited, with institutions and digital forensic firms being compromised.

00:21:17 Mike Benz discusses the discrediting of Russian disinformation in the 2020 election and the shift to domestic misinformation. He highlights the use of censorship as a means to control free speech and discusses the impact of AI censorship on the future of democracy.

🔑 The idea of Russian disinformation is discredited, and domestic misinformation is being used as a censorship tactic.

🌐 Bots on the internet can be identified through coordinated activity, but determinations made by political operatives can lead to censorship.

🤖 AI censorship has been in place since 2017 and is becoming more pervasive, impacting the upcoming presidential election cycle and the future of the internet.

00:31:54 AI censorship enables narrative containment with a few lines of code, impacting elections worldwide. The Death Star of censorship controls political outcomes with algorithmic throttling and lacks regulation or restraint.

🌐 AI censorship has the power to control narratives and impact political outcomes in elections.

🚫 AI censorship tools can be used to silence individuals and businesses who express opposing views or doubts.

⚖️ There are currently no regulations or frameworks to restrain the use of AI censorship.

00:42:31 AI censorship, 2024 elections, and the future of democracy are discussed. The development and deployment of AI censorship super weapons pose a threat to free elections and freedom of speech.

💡 AI censorship is becoming more sophisticated, with thousands of people working on refining it.

💰 There is significant government funding, amounting to over $100 million, for AI censorship projects.

🔍 AI is being used to target and amplify authoritative sources while suppressing dissenting voices in search results.

♟️ AI censorship is currently in the 'chess DJing' era, where multiple models are used to fine-tune results.

🚫 Satire, deadpan, and certain forms of humor pose challenges for AI censorship.

💣 The development and deployment of AI censorship super weapons pose a threat to democracy.

✋ There is a need for a global conversation to establish regulations and limits on AI censorship.

🎭 Different AI applications, such as generative AI for literature and art, have separate risks and implications.

⚖️ The identification and labeling of certain words as markers for extremism raises concerns about bias and political influence.

🌐 Deepfakes and AI-generated content can be used for political manipulation and deception.

00:53:08 This video discusses the ethics of deepfakes and the need for regulation. It also explores the interaction between Elon Musk, the US government, and big corporations. The government's reliance on Musk's companies gives him leverage to resist AI censorship. The potential crackdown on Musk could have international implications.

🤔 The ethics of deep fakes and the need for regulation by unbiased entities.

🌐 The interplay between big corporations, governments, and AI censorship.

💼 Elon Musk's unique leverage with the US government and the implications of his actions.

01:03:46 The implications of AI censorship on democracy and the 2024 elections are discussed. The emergence of a balkanized internet and the potential for censorship on social media platforms are major concerns.

📚 The emergence of AI censorship has created a balkanized internet controlled by big tech companies.

🗳️ The 2024 election will be influenced by AI censorship and the pressure on alternative platforms like threads and Twitter.

🔒 There are concerns about the potential suppression of political speech through censorship and regulatory threats.

Summary of a video "Mike Benz: AI Censorship, 2024 Elections, & The Future of Democracy." by Through Conversations Podcast on YouTube.

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