The Frightening End of the Periodic Table

Exploring the terrifying and deadly elements at the end of the periodic table, with their high radioactivity and rapid decay rate.

00:00:00 The video discusses the terrifying elements at the end of the periodic table that can be deadly if encountered due to their high radioactivity. Only the first 90 elements are naturally found in our environment.

🔬 The periodic table consists of 118 elements that make up our world.

💡 While familiar elements like aluminum, iron, and sulfur are found towards the beginning of the periodic table, elements towards the end are extremely rare.

☢️ Elements at the end of the periodic table are dangerous and can cause harm if exposed to them.

00:01:37 The video explores the periodic table and the dangers that arise when reaching elements with a high number of protons. Without the ability to form atomic nuclei, only hydrogen atoms would exist.

📌 As we progress through the periodic table, elements with different properties and appearances are formed.

Protons, although essential to matter, cannot create atoms on their own due to their positive charge.

🔬 If the universe only contained protons, the periodic table would consist solely of hydrogen atoms.

00:03:13 The terrifying end of the periodic table: when an atom accumulates more than 84 protons, it becomes unstable and radioactive, emitting particles at high speeds.

🔬 Protons can be retained in the nucleus of atoms with the help of neutrons through the strong nuclear force.

⚛️ Atoms with more than 84 protons become unstable and are known as radioactive elements, emitting particles at high speeds.

💥 Radioactive materials leave a visible trail of condensation when placed in a cloud chamber.

00:04:49 The final elements of the periodic table are all radioactive and unstable, constantly losing protons and transforming into lighter elements over time.

🔬 Unstable elements at the end of the periodic table are radioactive and continuously lose protons, transforming into lighter elements over time.

The stability of a radioactive element determines how long it takes for it to transform into other elements. For example, uranium takes 4.5 billion years, while plutonium only takes 20,000 years.

⚛️ Plutonium is more unstable than uranium, which is why minerals of uranium can be found on Earth, but not plutonium.

00:06:28 Elements at the end of the periodic table are highly unstable and can transform into other elements within milliseconds. They can only be observed artificially, as they are not found in nature. Creating them is challenging due to their rapid decay rate.

💥 Elements at the end of the periodic table with more protons are highly unstable and transform into other elements in milliseconds.

🔬 These ephemeral elements can only be observed by artificially producing their atoms in particle accelerators.

⚛️ Creating atoms with a high number of protons is extremely difficult, resulting in a slow production rate of one atom per week for the heaviest elements.

00:08:05 The final elements of the periodic table are extremely unstable and highly radioactive, posing a catastrophic threat. The initial explosion releases a massive amount of energy, followed by the dispersal of radioactive dust. Survivors would face a hot and radiactive cloud, with exposure to lethal levels of radiation.

💥 The element loganesón is highly unstable and releases a significant amount of energy, almost equivalent to the explosion of a ton of TNT, during its first second of existence.

☢️ If survived the initial explosion, the loganesón will convert into flerovium, a highly radioactive element, releasing more energy and spreading radioactive dust in the air.

🌡️📦☢️ The aftermath of the loganesón explosion involves facing a hot and radioactive dust cloud, posing a deadly radiation hazard.

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