Automated Release Notes for Jira - Introduction and Features

A quick intro to automated release notes for Jira. Learn how to generate release notes easily, customize templates, and integrate with other tools.

00:00:00 This video is a quick introduction to the automated release notes add-on for JIRA. It covers the core concepts and challenges of writing and communicating release notes, as well as how to determine the content and format of the notes.

📝 Automated release notes eliminate the tedious process of writing and communicating release notes, which have different formats and audiences.

🤝 Different stakeholders require different types of release notes, such as a high-level summary for business stakeholders and detailed technical information for development teams.

💌 Automated release notes simplify the process of distributing release notes by allowing them to be sent in various formats and through multiple channels.

00:04:06 Automated Release Notes for Jira is a tool that generates and dispatches release notes automatically, benefiting all stakeholders. It informs internal teams about upcoming releases, provides targeted updates to customers, and allows for on-demand release note generation.

📝 Automated release notes were created to save time and effort in writing and sending release notes.

🌐 The software development process involves communication between teams, and automated release notes streamline this process.

💼 Automated release notes benefit business teams by providing insights on the impact of releases on the business and customers.

🔍 Customer-facing stakeholders can receive targeted release notes based on their interests or changes in the product.

📅 Automated release notes can inform internal stakeholders about upcoming releases based on schedule triggers.

📩 Release updates can be sent to customers to keep them engaged and informed about featured updates.

🔐 Generating release notes on demand is simplified with automated release notes.

00:08:14 Learn how to generate automated release notes for Jira with ease. Create release notes for different projects, integrate with CI/CD tools, publish to Confluence, and more.

Using Automated Release Notes for Jira, you can generate release notes with a single click.

🔗 You can integrate Automated Release Notes with other CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, and publish release notes directly to Confluence.

📝 You can generate combined release notes for multiple projects, format them in HTML or JSON, and publish them to predefined URLs.

🔔 Release notes can be sent directly to Slack or Microsoft Teams channels, as well as generated in PDF format and uploaded to Box.

00:12:20 A quick intro video on automated release notes for Jira. The video showcases the flexibility, templates, and rules of the tool, providing a walkthrough of creating different types of templates. It also demonstrates sample release notes generated using the tool.

📅 The tool allows for generating automated release notes from JIRA instances, offering unparalleled flexibility.

📝 The tool has templates for various formats such as email, PDF, confluence, JSON, and HTML, with the core being JQL sections.

📄 Sample release notes generated using the tool include version number, release date, stories, improvements, and bugs.

00:16:26 Quick intro video showcasing automated release notes for Jira. Learn about the various templates, custom fields, and integrations available.

📝 Automated release notes in Jira display issue details and status, with customizable formatting options.

🔍 Custom fields and grouping options can be used to pull specific information for release notes.

📄 Release notes can be generated in various formats, including PDF, email, and Confluence templates.

00:20:33 This video provides a quick introduction to automated release notes for Jira. It explains different triggers and actions that can be configured to generate and send release notes.

🔑 There are different triggers for automated release notes in Jira, including manual trigger, version release trigger, and scheduled triggers.

📅 Scheduled triggers can be set before a certain number of days from release, or at regular intervals.

📧 Actions can be added to the triggers, such as sending email notifications with attached PDF or JSON release notes.

00:24:41 A quick introduction to Automated Release Notes for Jira. It generates error-free release notes and allows customization with Confluence macros.

📝 Automated Release Notes for Jira is a tool that helps generate release notes without any manual errors and ensures that relevant audience receives the necessary information.

💡 The tool allows you to execute actions and view their results and logs, including version release intimation and default rule logs.

📄 You can generate release notes in a tabular format with information like logo name, release date, title, number of issues involved, and summary of the issue.

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