Embracing Individuality: Aris Kian's Powerful Slam Poem

Aris Kian's 'Going Ghost' is a powerful slam poem celebrating individuality and challenging societal expectations, depicting blackness as both a weapon and a source of strength.

00:00:02 Aris Kian shares a powerful slam poem about celebrating individuality and rejecting academic norms.

The speaker shares their experience of sharing a slam poem with their class and receiving criticism from their teacher.

They express their desire to haunt academic spaces and redefine the canon by celebrating their own artistry.

The speaker emphasizes their personal power and ability to create their own destruction and poetry.

00:01:07 Aris Kian's 'Going Ghost' is a powerful poem that explores identity and challenges societal expectations. Blackness is depicted as both a weapon and a source of strength.

📝 Aris Kian sees a poem as a powerful weapon, with words that leave a lasting impact.

🎵 Kian expresses the depth of his spirit through his own lyrics, turning a syllabus into jazz chords.

🔒 Kian confronts the challenges of being an outsider in academia and emphasizes the impact of his presence.

00:02:10 Aris Kian defies obstacles and persists in the face of adversity, embodying resilience and hope.

👻 I am a determined ghost who overcomes obstacles and keeps going.

💪 I am persistent and resilient despite facing challenges like depression and academic pressures.

💡 I am a symbol of hope and a reminder of what others thought they could defeat.

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