TikTok beauty dupes review: affordable products with great performance

Review of TikTok beauty dupes: some hits, some misses. Affordable products with good performance and longevity.

00:00:00 In this video, the creator tries out viral TikTok beauty dupes and reviews their effectiveness. They start with a high-end product, the Drunk Elephant D Bronzy Sunshine Drops, which they like but find the blending to be subpar.

The video is a review of low-end beauty dupes found on TikTok.

The reviewer tries out a bronzing product from the brand Drunk Elephant.

The reviewer mentions upcoming makeup tutorials and skincare routines.

00:03:12 TikTok viral dupes reviewed: not suitable for darker complexions, but gives a nice shimmer. A cheaper alternative is the elf vitamin C primer.

👩🏽‍🦱 The speaker, a brown girl, tried a pricey product and found it to be ineffective for her complexion.

💫 The product provides a nice glow and shimmer under makeup, but may be more suitable for lighter complexions.

🔬 The speaker recommends an alternative, more affordable product that offers similar benefits.

00:06:22 A review of affordable beauty products from TikTok. The eye patches are hydrating and worth the price. The concealer is a dupe for a popular brand and lasts for 10 hours without much creasing.

💄 The review discusses the Pixie 4-5 toning eye patches and concludes that while they are hydrating and affordable, they are not a must-have item.

👀 The review also mentions the hydrating camo concealer, which is considered a dupe for the popular Tarte Shape Tape concealer. The reviewer finds it blendable and non-drying, with minimal creasing after 10 hours of wear.

00:09:33 A review of low-end beauty products, including a concealer with a yellow undertone and a liquid filter with a thick brush applicator. Good formula and price, but limited shade range.

The concealer blended well and settled nicely into the skin, but the undertone was not ideal for darker skin tones.

There is a lack of range and diversity in makeup companies when it comes to undertones for darker skin tones.

The elf Halo glow liquid filter is highly recommended due to its affordable price and easy application.

00:12:43 Tried TikTok viral dupes, found favorite foundation and new brow product, plus amazing putty blush from Elf. Low-end beauty review with honest opinions.

💄 The speaker found a low-end foundation that they love, with a great applicator and a lightweight formula that blends easily.

👁️‍🗨️ The Nyx brow glue is a game changer, combining the benefits of edge control and gel to create long-lasting and perfectly shaped brows.

👶 The putty blush from Elf is also recommended, but no specific details are provided.

00:15:54 A review of affordable beauty products with great performance and longevity. Includes a dupe for a high-end lip oil.

👉 The low-end beauty products reviewed in the video are affordable and easy to apply, with long-lasting and buildable qualities.

👌 The elf perfect finish HD powder gives a flawless and smooth look, and Nyx fat oil lip gloss is a good dupe for the expensive Dior lip oil.

😍 The reviewed products from elf and Nyx offer both quality and affordability, making them highly recommended.

00:19:04 In this video, the creator compares a low-end lip oil to a high-end one and concludes that while the low-end product is close in performance, it doesn't last as long. They also highlight the affordability of lower-end products compared to higher-end ones.

💄 The speaker tried a low-end dupe for a high-end lip oil but found that it didn't compare to the original in terms of longevity.

👄 The speaker mentioned that the Dior lip oil lasts for several hours and is very wearable and durable.

💰 The speaker emphasized that high-end products are not always the best and that there are affordable alternatives that work even better.

Summary of a video "I tried TikTok viral dupes… (honest low end beauty review)" by bossgirlified on YouTube.

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