Google Pixel 8 Pro Unboxing | Design and Pre-Order Deals

An unboxing video of the Google Pixel 8 Pro, showcasing its design and accessories before the official launch. Includes pre-order deals in Europe.

00:00:00 An unboxing video of the Google Pixel 8 Pro, showcasing its matte back and standard accessories. The video was released ahead of the official launch event.

📦 The Pixel 8 Pro is being unboxed along with the regular Pixel 8.

🔎 The unboxing experience is similar to previous Pixel devices.

🖐️ The Pixel 8 Pro has a matte back to prevent fingerprints.

00:01:03 A first look at the Google Pixel 8 Pro and its pre-order deals, including a possible free Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro in Europe.

📦 The Google Pixel 8 Pro is set to be released soon, with pre-orders starting after the event and shipping a week later.

💰 There are reports of pre-order deals for the Pixel 8 Pro, with the possibility of getting a free Pixel Watch 2o in some European countries, and Pixel Buds Pro with the Pixel 8.

🌍 The specific countries where the pre-order deals will be available in Europe were not mentioned, but commenters speculate that Taiwan might also be included.

Summary of a video "Google Pixel 8 Pro Unboxing | Official First Look!" by Mobizone on YouTube.

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