Positioning Guidelines for Freelance Copywriters

Learn how to position yourself as a freelance copywriter and secure clients based on their needs and budgets. Tips on crafting effective positioning statements and improving pitches.

00:00:00 On Sep 14, 2023, the Genesis Freelancer Revelation Call took place, discussing the positioning guidelines for different stages of freelancer development. The call emphasized the importance of understanding target clients, offering value per dollar, and being reliable and easy to work with.

📅 This is a workshop about crafting an irresistible positioning statement for freelancers, which is important for understanding the target client at different stages of development.

💼 For rookie and student freelancers, it's crucial to focus on smaller businesses with price-sensitive and less experienced owners, emphasizing the value and quality they get as Genesis members.

💰 The foot-in-the-door technique can be used to offer a lower price for the first few projects, gaining clients' trust and ensuring payment at the normal rate for future work.

00:11:44 Learn how to position yourself as a freelance copywriter for different types of clients based on their needs and budgets.

💼 Hiring a copywriter with immediate availability can help a client stand out compared to those on a waitlist.

💰 Flexibility in pricing depends on the client's behavior and the freelancer's financial situation.

📈 As the client's budget and performance expectations increase, the copywriter can charge more and focus on delivering better results.

00:23:30 Make your proposals stand out by customizing them to reflect what the client is asking for. Personalize your proposal and try to apply first to increase your chances. Use hard numbers and proof of past success to establish credibility. Leverage your membership in Genesis and highlight your copywriting specialty and industry expertise.

📋 When creating a proposal, make sure it stands out by being specific and relevant to the client's requirements, even if they don't explicitly ask for it.

👥 Personalize your proposal as much as possible, even if you don't know the client's first name, to show customization and attention to detail.

📈 Include hard numbers, such as revenue and sales figures, leads acquired, and cost per acquisition, to demonstrate your success and impact.

00:35:15 A freelancer explains how he secured a client by showcasing his expertise and credibility, tailored to their specific needs. He provides tips on crafting effective positioning statements.

📝 Craft a concise positioning statement that highlights your experience and specialties.

💼 Include relevant proof points and credibility to showcase your expertise.

📈 Emphasize your track record of generating significant results in your industry.

00:50:04 A group of individuals discuss their experiences and expertise in copywriting, including direct response, email, and health industry copy. They provide feedback and suggestions for improving their pitches.

📝 The speaker is a direct response copywriter with four years of experience, specializing in short form copy such as ads, emails, and advertorials.

💼 The speaker has worked for a nine-figure e-commerce company, helping with a trading product relaunch and increasing email conversions by 22.7 percent.

👥 The speaker has also written autoresponders and ads for a high-performance sports nutrition coach and has received testimonials for their work.

01:02:08 The video discusses the challenges of writing copy for health and fitness brands, offering tips on how to convey expertise and generate results in a past tense format.

📝 The speaker is a health copywriter with experience in the health and fitness industry.

💪 They have helped health companies and brands achieve results, such as generating email campaigns and crafting sales emails.

The speaker advises using past tense for past results and making promises to potential clients.

01:14:11 Discover a job board for copywriters run by a former Copy Accelerator member. It's free and provides job notifications via email. Join now for opportunities.

There is a job board for copywriters run by a former member of a program called Copy Accelerator.

📧 The job board sends out notifications about available copywriting jobs.

📈 Next week's guest will discuss the metrics and numbers important for freelancers working with direct response companies.

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