Controversy and Questions: The Truth Behind Virginia's Foundation

Controversy surrounds Virginia's foundation as a famous influencer faces criticism for a child endangerment situation. A review reveals high price and questionable quality.

00:00:00 I tested Virginia's foundation, and things got out of control. A crazy story involving threats and violence unfolded, leaving me in disbelief.

🔥 The speaker discusses a conversation they had with Vigia about doing a video on the base.

💣 The speaker threatens to burn Vigia's house and harm her pets as retaliation.

🦴 The speaker describes a violent altercation where they twist Vigia's neck and throw her bones.

00:02:44 A video discussing the questionable practices of a famous influencer and the controversy surrounding a popular celebrity's involvement in a child endangerment situation.

💵 The video discusses unethical practices of using other people's money for personal gain.

🤝 The speaker talks about a phase in their life where they charged a monthly fee to be their friend.

🧠 The speaker admits to being easily deceived and willing to pay any price for certain challenges.

00:05:27 A video titled 'testei a base da virginia' sparked controversy as the baby didn't want to stay in Virginia's lap. Celebrities and even the baby's father criticized Virginia. The video led to Zé Felipe stopping his recordings and expressing anger.

The video discusses a baby's refusal to stay in the arms of the mother and preferring to be with the nanny.

Several celebrities, including Neymar, Luciano Huck, and Beto Carreiro, comment on the situation.

The video leads to Zé Felipe's anger and decision to express his emotions through music.

00:08:10 A review of a new foundation by Virginia is discussed with contrasting opinions. The foundation is controversial due to its high price and questionable quality.

🔑 The video discusses the new base launched by Virginia and the mixed opinions about its quality and effectiveness.

💰 Virginia's base is priced at $200, leading to concerns about its value for money.

🤔 Some bloggers criticize the base for its poor performance, while Virginia defends its quality and benefits.

00:10:54 I tested Virginia's foundation. It took 12 days to arrive, but I lost interest in using it after the second day. The packaging had a bonus item, but it was infested with worms. Overall, not a good experience.

📦 The base took 12 days to arrive, but the desire to use it faded after the second day.

🧴 The purchase process required providing an Instagram account, which was surprising.

🔍 There were unexpected issues with the product, including worms in the box.

00:13:38 Testing a new foundation, experiencing a unique texture and smell. Uncertain if it looks natural on the face.

💡 The video is about testing a base product from Virginia.

🔍 The base has a distinct smell and texture.

The reviewer is unsure if the base is suitable for their skin.

00:16:22 Tested Virginia's foundation, didn't like it. It doesn't look natural, makes my skin feel tight, and irritates my eyes. It's not worth using.

🔎 The YouTuber tested a foundation and found it to be of poor quality and difficult to remove.

🤔 The foundation did not look natural on the YouTuber's skin, and they were not satisfied with the result.

👎 The YouTuber experienced discomfort and irritation while wearing the foundation, and it was challenging to keep their eyes closed.

Summary of a video "testei a base da virginia" by Felca on YouTube.

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