The Power of OnPassive: Uniting Podcasters and Boosting Growth

Analyzing the growth and trends in podcasting, the benefits of OnPassive as a social networking platform for podcasters, and the importance of unity and support in the ONPASSIVE community.

00:00:02 Analyzing the rapid growth and trends in podcasting, including the rise of niche-specific podcasts and the effectiveness of podcast commercials. Discussing the benefits of OnPassive as a social networking platform for podcasters to boost brand reputation and interact with their audience.

🎧 Podcasting industry has grown rapidly with over 5 million podcasts and 460 million listeners globally.

💼 Podcast advertising is projected to reach $2.5 billion by 2024.

🔴 Live streaming podcasts and niche-specific podcasts are emerging trends.

🔁 Cross promotion between podcasters helps expand their listener base.

📱 Onet is a social networking platform that offers podcasts and blogs to boost brand reputation.


💡 The speaker discusses the importance of having a system in place to help people succeed in their online businesses.

🧠 The speaker emphasizes the frustration of being involved with unstable companies that disappear, leading to the need for constant rebranding and marketing strategies.

🌍 The speaker highlights the potential of an AI digital business, targeting specific traffic and having a strong presence in global locations, such as Dubai.


📌 The speaker emphasizes that with ONPASSIVE, members can earn commissions without any competition.

🚀 ONPASSIVE provides a platform with integrity and a wide range of products for individuals to use and generate additional income.

💼 The CEO of ONPASSIVE is driven by a humanitarian mission to enhance lives and contribute to communities.

00:21:16 Founders of ONPASSIVE have made decisions to be involved and share with others. Some have received Commission and made withdrawals. Emotions of excitement, jealousy, and regret have surfaced. It's important to manage and heal these emotions to succeed.

Founders have the option to become more involved or share ONPASSIVE with others at their own discretion.

💰 Some people have started receiving commissions and cryptocurrency withdrawals in their wallets.

🌍 The release of money and international protocols is being staged to avoid overwhelming the financial systems.

😊 Emotions such as excitement, joy, and success have emerged, but jealousy, envy, regret, and anger have also surfaced.

🔑 As a Founder, it is important to manage and heal these emotions and understand that commissions will be received in due time.

🔗 Founders can still share ONPASSIVE with others and help them recognize its value.

00:28:21 A discussion about the importance of unity and support in the ONPASSIVE community, as well as the progress and challenges of the platform. Stay patient, kind, and celebrate each other's success.

🌍 On Passive is for everyone, and being a part of it can have positive effects on our mental and physical well-being.

🎉 We should celebrate and support those who have already started receiving returns from their involvement in On Passive.

💪 We need to be patient, kind, and happy for others, as we will all eventually start receiving our own rewards.

00:35:28 This video discusses the success and vision of ONPASSIVE, emphasizing the importance of supporting others and finding like-minded individuals. It also highlights the marketing efforts of the company and the potential benefits for its members.

📱 Updates on iPhone are made to repair certain issues.

💵 A person received payment in crypto currency, which is exciting.

💼 The founder of the company could have focused on building a personal fortune, but instead chose to help others achieve their dreams.

🌆 Dubai's marketing and global conventions are promoting the company.

📦 The company offers physical and virtual products, with partnerships being formed behind the scenes.

💰 Account activation and a second payment are necessary to maintain momentum and be part of the company's success.

00:42:37 In this video, Marty Degarmo and Robin Noble discuss the importance of helping each other and making ONPASSIVE a part of daily routines. They also express excitement about the growth of the business and the positive impact it has on people's lives.

📌 Activate positions together and support each other in the on passive business.

🌟 Make on passive part of your daily routine and take responsibility for your own success.

💰 Celebrate the success of others and anticipate receiving money through on passive.

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