Protect your smartphone battery with these 5 tips.

Learn 5 ways to preserve your smartphone battery and avoid damaging habits.

00:00:00 Learn 5 ways to preserve your smartphone battery and save money. Avoid damaging habits and adopt smart usage techniques to keep your battery healthy.

📱 Preserving the battery life of expensive smartphones is important.

⚡️ The battery is the most affected part of the smartphone and needs special care.

💡 Adopting certain usage habits can help maintain battery health and save money.

00:01:14 This video discusses five ways that smartphone batteries can be damaged, emphasizing the importance of charging them when they are neither fully charged nor completely drained.

🔋 Charging your smartphone when it's not completely full or completely empty can reduce battery damage.

Keeping the battery at a balanced charge level reduces stress and prolongs battery life.

🔌 Fully charging your smartphone overnight can be less optimal for battery health.

00:02:29 Learn 5 ways to avoid damaging your smartphone battery, including managing charging habits and avoiding extreme battery levels.

⚡️ Fast charging can deteriorate the battery due to the stress and temperature it causes.

🔌 Leaving the battery at 0% or fully charged for a long time can lead to damage.

💡 Some smartphones allow blocking battery charging at 100% to avoid overcharging.

00:03:44 Using fast charging all the time can significantly reduce the battery life and capacity of your smartphone, so it's better to choose standard charging when possible.

⚡️ Fast charging may contribute to the deterioration of smartphone battery life, as it can lower the overall capacity more quickly.

🔋 Using standard charging instead of fast charging can help maintain the battery's maximum capacity for longer periods.

📲 If there is no urgent need to charge the smartphone quickly, it is advisable to choose the slower standard charging option to preserve battery health.

00:05:00 How to optimize smartphone battery life by adjusting screen brightness, closing unused apps, and avoiding unnecessary battery stress.

Using maximum brightness, keeping GPS and unnecessary apps active, and listening to music on YouTube with the screen on can drain smartphone battery quickly.

Closing apps, turning off the screen when not in use, and avoiding unnecessary usage can help save battery life and prevent unnecessary stress on the battery.

Charging the battery in very low temperatures is not beneficial and can be harmful.

00:06:17 Learn 5 ways to ruin your smartphone battery, from temperature fluctuations to leaving it in the sun while charging.

Extreme temperature changes can affect the chemistry of the smartphone battery and decrease its capacity and performance.

Leaving the smartphone in the sun or using it while it's overheating can negatively impact the battery life.

Charging the smartphone in direct sunlight or using high-power fast charging can have detrimental effects on the battery.

00:07:34 Avoid using cheap chargers and cables to protect your smartphone battery. Invest a little more in reliable accessories to ensure long-term battery health.

🔋 Using cheap chargers and cables can damage the battery of your smartphone.

💰 Investing in original chargers or reliable substitutes may cost more, but it's worth it for the long-term health of your battery.

📱 To ensure the quality of the energy being delivered to your phone, avoid using cheap chargers and cables.

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