Breaking Stereotypes: A Woman's Journey in a Male-Dominated Industry

A woman defies expectations and finds her passion in a male-dominated industry, becoming Peru's first female fishery captain.

00:00:00 How I found my calling in a male-dominated industry? A girl defies expectations and pursues her passion for fishing against all odds.

🏖️ I discovered my passion for fishing while observing the activities of fishermen at the beach.

💪 Despite societal stereotypes and discouragement, I pursued a career in artisanal fishing.

🎓 I studied fisheries engineering to further develop my fishing skills and knowledge.

00:01:51 Discover Karin Abensur's journey overcoming gender bias as she pursued a career in fishing. Confronting stereotypes, she enrolled in a fishing training program and proved herself capable. Inspiring resilience in a male-dominated industry.

🚺 The speaker, Karin Abensur, faced a male-dominated fishing industry as a female student of fisheries engineering.

✈️ In her quest for growth, she traveled to a fishing training center in Paita, Peru in 2003 and faced gender-based discrimination.

👊 Despite the challenges, Karin persevered and proved herself, ultimately gaining acceptance and respect in the industry.

00:03:42 Discover how Karin Abensur found her calling in a male-dominated industry and broke the stereotypes as the first female fishery captain in Peru.

👩‍🔧 The speaker shares her journey of finding her vocation in a male-dominated industry.

⚽️ She proves her skills by performing 10 pull-ups in front of a crowd, challenging gender stereotypes.

🚢 Her professor encourages her to become the first female fishing captain in Peru, breaking societal norms.

00:05:32 A woman shares her experience of finding her vocation in a male-dominated sector, facing ridicule and proving her abilities in fishing.

🚤 The speaker shares how she worked hard and saved money to buy her first boat.

🎣 The fishermen initially mocked her equipment, but she proved them wrong by catching more fish than they expected.

♀️ The speaker wanted to challenge the stereotype that women cannot fish, and she succeeded in doing so.

00:07:24 A woman faces sexism while pursuing a career as Peru's first female fishing captain. She aims to be a role model for girls and women in the male-dominated industry.

👩‍🎣 Facing resistance as a woman pursuing a career in fishing.

🙅‍♀️ Challenging sexist attitudes and stereotypes in the fishing industry.

🌟 Becoming a role model for women and girls in the field of fishing.

00:09:13 Karin Abensur shares how she found her passion in a male-dominated industry and her plans to empower women in the fishing sector.

🎣 Finding an opportunity in the fishing industry, the speaker participated in a startup competition and secured funding to improve the value chain.

👩‍🔧 The speaker encountered other invisible women in the fishing industry, such as filleters, and decided to create a guild of women in the sea to empower and support each other.

💪 The speaker aims to establish a strong community of women in various roles in the fishing industry, including filleters, fishers, icemen, and dock workers, to increase their collective impact.

00:11:03 Karin Abensur shares her journey in a male-dominated industry, breaking stereotypes and encouraging girls to pursue any career they desire.

🎣 Women in Peru can fish and break gender stereotypes in traditionally male-dominated sectors.

👩‍👧‍👧 Creating a friendly environment for girls to pursue their passions and overcome societal expectations.

🚫🤬 Challenging stereotypes and creating a less hostile environment with more opportunities.

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